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Research Centre Bath

About the Research Centre

The Earth System Governance Research Centre at Bath will be hosted by the Centre for Development Studies (CDS), an established research centre within the University. Founded in 1975, the Centre for Development Studies acts as the hub for research in the University, tackling global challenges linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.

CDS currently has two Co-Directors – James Copestake and Michael Bloomfield – who will run the ESG Research Centre out of CDS. Yixian Sun will undertake a coordinating role for all ESG Research Centre activities. All three academic leads are Senior Fellows with the ESG Project. Both the ESG Research Centre Bath and CDS itself are located within the Department of Social and Policy Sciences (SPS) within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Bath.

Recent publications

2021 Annual Report
The Earth System Governance Project seeks to mobilise and advance scholarship at the interface between global environmental change and governance. Discover how by learning more about the project in this summary of 2021!
Transforming Biodiversity Governance

Over fifty years of global conservation has failed to bend the curve of biodiversity loss, so we need to transform…

Special Issue: Towards a Sectoral Perspective on Global Climate Governance. Volume 8, June 2021

Tim Rayner, Sebastian Oberthür and Lukas Hermwille coordinated this special issue. The authors derived six major findings from the contributions…

Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence & Digitalization, March 2022

New technologies present significant opportunities to better manage natural resources and safeguard the environment. For instance, artificial intelligence (AI) is…